Greentree Management is an independent Venture Capital consulting firm owned by its partners, offering the highest quality corporate and strategic advice to our clients. These clients include privately owned companies as well as the private equity and venture capital community. For many years, we’ve been empowering clients to take control of their financial lives. We’re proud to offer knowledgeable  guidance, powerful trading tools and investing resources that help you pursue your goals with confidence.

Greentree Management strives to be a thoughtful financial partner by working to help raise the bar on environmental and social performance, and enabling our clients to more effectively manage risk while capitalizing on new sustainable opportunities globally.

We believe we have a responsibility to help our clients and communities, and are using our resources and expertise to help find solutions to the ever growing issues that threaten our world’s environment. Through our cutting edge programs we will be at the forefront of the victory lines to success.

Continuing to be the best requires working together with our current and potential clients across the globe. According to our company’s stated business principles, Greentree Management understands that money is not made out of convenience, and that timing is essential to one’s success in today’s markets.

Greentree is headquartered in the financial Capital of the world: Wall Street, where we will be able to deliver valuable information quickly and efficiently to capitalize off the current market conditions.

We welcome you to join the GreenTree family.