Since the Pandemic of 2020 Reliable One Resources has been asked to try apply their graphene technology into created a mask that could actually block bacteria and viruses better than 97% at .3 microns. After just 60 days of extensive 24/7 testing they have completed a one of a kind mask that actually will block viruses and bacteria's at .2 microns up to almost 100%. Plus they have added a kill strip that will not just block but actually kill the virus. The masks are being produced. This we believe will be the new normal in the mask industry specifically in the medical and military space. 


Sponsored Content - In a March 8, 2020, 60 Minutes interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci explained, “masks do not provide the protection that people think that they do.” He continued, “maybe they can block a large droplet.”

Today's general masks are designed to stop the wearer from sneezing or coughing droplets onto others. They don’t provide what people want from them: protection for themselves. They don’t protect against aerosolized virus particles that exude when a person talks or exhales. Aerosolized coronavirus particles are .025-.125 microns and are the reason Covid-19 is so transmissible. Transmissibility is the reason this is a global pandemic.

The problem is that none of the masks currently available, including N-95s, have a mesh pore size small enough to filter the virus. N-95s and currently available surgical masks have a pore size of 1 to 0.3 microns. The coronavirus is 10-30x smaller than the filtered pores of standard masks, so the virus can pass through the mask.

Quantum Filtration is introducing the Block, Kill, and Breathe mask, the most technologically advanced mask in the world. The fiber diameter of the QF Mask is 10 nanometers. That means QF’s mask fibers are between 100-500x smaller than today’s popular masks. The pore size is so small it’s capable of filtering out all viruses at a 99.9% filtration efficiency.

What’s also truly unique about the Quantum Mask is that it has five separate anti-microbial elements that contribute to what we refer to as its kill attribute. In clinical testing, the formulation was effective in killing all bacteria and deactivating or destroying all viruses that came into contact with the mask including H1N1, H3N2, SARS, MERS, E. coli, and human coronavirus as well as blocking PM 2.5 pollution molecules.

Today's general facemasks create an oxygen restriction and a carbon dioxide buildup. The QF mask is approximately 92% pores and in infrared thermal camera testing, demonstrated significantly better breathability and far less carbon dioxide buildup than today's masks.

In 2020, 120 billion masks were sold. Not one of them protected the wearer. The QF mask is not dependent on the pandemic for success, as every single doctor, nurse, hospital network, and government official who’s seen this mask has expressed that this is the mask they want for themselves. Moreover, the membrane has just been constructed in larger sizes for requested use in air filters for hospitals, hotels, stadiums, and homes, which could very well end up eclipsing the mask revenues.

“A great situation for an investor is to invest in a company that has a product that everyone needs. A better situation is if the company’s product is orders of magnitude better than its competitors.”